Waterproofing application with APP Membranes

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The APP bitumen membrane, short for Atactic Polypropylene Membrane, is a special waterproofing material that is manufactured from Bitumen. They comes in rolls. Each roll measures 10 metres by 1 metre and covers an area of 8.7 m². With proper workmanship, the APP membrane is a very efficient and durable waterproofing material used in most constructions.

APP membrane can be applied for fresh roof slab, sunken slab, balconies, and basement.

Application method

APP Membranes applied as follows

  • Clean entries surface
  • Apply primer
  • Once the primer is completely dry, heat an stick APP membrane on the surface. Must provide an overlap of 10cm on both side.

APP membranes are not UV resistant. So a protective plastering or screading is must over the treated surface. Unless it is protected, membranes may de-bond from surface and water may enter in to sheet. This will cause the entire application get damaged

APP membrane waterproofing
APP membrane waterproofing