Build Care Waterproofing solutions

Build Care the water proofing experts extends its service to cure building problems. We are specialist in membrane water proofing, chemical water proof coatings, Heat reflective coatings, protective coatings, Industrial floor coatings, Injection grouts, Epoxy strengthening grouts, crack and joint sealants, Basement water proofing, civil special repairs , rehabilitation and pest control.

Our vast resources and technical know-how facilitates us in utilizing our expertise in diverse industries such as industrial, architectural and general construction. Our experts specialize in providing timely and customized services solutions related to APP/SBS Membrane Waterproofing , Heat Reflective Coating, Protective Coating, Joint Sealant, Crack filling sealants,Industrial Flooring , Pressure And Injection Grouting, Anti – Corrosive Coating, Pest Control Services, Light weight Foam Concrete, Crystalization Water Proofing, Elastomeric Water Proofing .Our services are specially designed and are modifiable to suit the individual requirements and budgetary constraints of our clients

We are renowned suppliers & applicators of various waterproofing chemicals in Kerala. The company is well-known for its high performing coatings and undertakes various types of building

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