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remedial waterproofingRoof WaterproofingThere are many methods for roof waterproofing. If the roof is new and protective plastering not done, we can use any type of under coating or bitumen membrane for waterproofing. If the roof is old, then a complete inspection needed to fine out the correct method applicable. Roof waterproofing recommended to to perform during construction time only. It is almost three times higher cost for remedial waterproofing and the life will be less compared to structural waterproofing.We can apply any of the following method for new construction as structural waterproofing

  • Polymer coating

A waterproofing layer is applied over the concrete by brushing two coats of Polymer modified acrylic waterproofing compound. This layer is protected with cement sand mortar

  • Bituminous Brushable Membrane

Bitumen is a petroleum bi-product used for waterproofing. This product have more elongation compared with Polymer coating. Two coats of product is applied on the mother slab. This product need protective plastering or screading

  • Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane is highly elastometric product. This product can resist acid, alkali, chlorine attach. Polyurethane have a long durability and elasticity compared with other products

  • APP modified bitumen Membrane

APP membrane is applicable for large areas of flat or slop roof. The membrane is made of bitumen, and reinforced by textile fabric. This product have high tensile strength and have excellent repellant capacity. This product also must be protected from direct sunlightRemedial waterproofing

  • UV Resistant Acrylic/ Water based PU coating

There are number of UV resistant acrylic or PU coatings are are available.Application procedure

  • Clean surface (most important)
  • Wide and fill all cracks.
  • Apply primer
  • Apply two or three coats of waterproofing compound

PU Coating will reduce the surface temperature to atleast 30%. Hence it can be applied as a heat insulation layer