Bathroom waterproofing

It is very important to waterproof bathrooms during its construction time. It is very difficult to arrest water seepage from an existing bathroom which is in use. The cost of wateproofing is very low if it is done at the time construction. Remedial waterproofing for an existing bathroom is many times costlier and is a big burden. Structural waterproofing for a bathroom will cost less than 5% of the overall coat of a bathroom construction. So it is highly recommended to wateproofing the bathrooms during construction time only.

Bathroom waterproofing
Bathroom wateproofig (Acrylic polimer coating – First coat applied)

There are number of methods for wateproofing bathroom waterproofing. Commonly adopted adopted method is applying two coats of acrylic polymer compound. Waterproofing compounds like BASF MasterSeal 550 are recommended.

Apart from acrylic polymer compound, we can use bitumen sheet (APP Membrane) for wateproofing floor area. For wall area we recommend acrylic polymer compound.

We need to provide a wateproofing coating for bathroom walls too at least one meter from floor level. About two meters from the floor level is recommended.

Apart from wateproofing, all pipe joints of a bathroom must be sealed with proper non shrink grouts.

We have a professional team for all your waterproofing needs. Our team will inspect and suggest the ideal solution to meet your requirements

Sunken slab waterproofing with bitumen sheet

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