Basement Waterproofing

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The Basement and the Foundation are the places that require the most attention because water can cause major problems. Water can crawl into wall spaces and create a wet damp condition causing molds. This leads to unpleasant foul smell inside the building. If this issue is left unattended, water logging scenario. This can cause property damage inside basements and poses a great threat to the electrical systems which is commonly based in the lower levels. The lift mechanism system faces threat form this causing rusting and total failure. Overall, the whole infrastructure will fail due to these hazard conditions. Two methods used in basement waterproofing is the Positive(application on the same side of hydro-static pressure) and the Negative(application on the opposite side of water pressure) waterproofing. Positive Waterproofing: In this method, the surrounding perimeters to the building structure is dug – about a meter deep(depends) and layers of waterproofing solution is applied (horizontal x1, vertical x1). This is the best suggested way to protect since the major cause of problem is water pressure from the outside during monsoons. Negative Waterproofing: This method must be used in extreme conditions when there is no other way of performing the task from the outside. Cautions must be taken that the materials used are not permeable and do not form honeycomb structures.