Remedial waterproofing of old terrace

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Sometime it is necessary to repair old terrace or roof which is having leakage issues. In such situations we need to think about repair of existing leakage.

We have number of methods to repair old terrace or roof top. For any application over existing substract, the surface must be free from dust and any other impurities. Also the surface must be strong and sound

remedial waterproofing

Remedial waterproofing – Application method

  1. Clean entire surface

2. Fill cracks wider than 0.5 mm

3. Apply primer and, then apply two or more coats of acrylic waterproofing compound

We can apply acrylic coating or Poliurethane based coating

Poliurethane coatings are more elastic and have more life compared to acrylic coating. More over, this coating also reduce inside temperature to some extend

Polyurethane coating coating methodology is same as acrylic coating.