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Building Foundation Waterproofing

The foundation is the most important aspect in a building structure, one should take all possible measures to ensure its  longevity. The construction is built upon the foundation and these can be of multiple types.

The strength and life of the house is directly dependent on the the foundation. The most prominent and concerning  problems – dampness and water logging. Moisture in the soil around the foundation which later seeps into basement and provides an ideal environment for mold formation.

We provide ultimate solutions for foundation waterproofing. Applycable methods are APP Membrane waterproofing, Crystalline coating, or Acrylic Polimer coating

Contact us: tel:+919387608559

Build Care waterproofing is a complete solution provider for waterproofing needes of a concrete structre. We undertake all kinds of waterproofing and building rehabilitation works. This includ 

Roof Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing

Swimming pool waterproofing

Water tank waterproofing (Both overhead and sump tanks)

Bathroom and other wet area waterproofing


Contact us: tel:+919387608559

Build Care Waterproofing Solution

It is a dream for everyone to own a house of their own, even better when one can witness the foundation being laid and see it take shape in front of them. But there is a common problem for all – water seepage due to bad waterproofing. It hollows the whole structure of the building, causes long term problems ultimately affecting the life of the overall construction. 

Build Care Waterproofing Solutions  is one of the best- expert waterproofing Contractors, offering a wide range of waterproofing solutions.we offer effective & Affordable solutions to these problems. Waterproofing is a construction measure designed to prevent water from damaging a building. It can be done during or after building work to protect the structure from water damage caused by rain, moisture and leaks.Water damage can result in serious issues to a building’s structure and appearance. It can damage not only the surface, but also affects the health and safety of those around the affected building.