Terrace Garden & Pool Waterproofing

Terrace area of the building has to endure the most of the nature’s harsh weather, climate and heat. Monsoon plays a major part in this. the heat of the sun causes the rigid surface to expand – causing cracks. Moreover, People now-a-days like to make gardens and swimming pool on the terrace which adds up to the problem of water leakage issues. Due to such constructions there is a need for additional care to take for Terrace type of waterproofing. One of the types of waterproofing is terrace garden and another type is terrace swimming pool. Both of the system need similar types of waterproofing treatment.

 Swimming pool waterproofing must be done prior tiling. The coating/waterproofing layer must be protecting the mother slab. Pressure grouting may be needed if the structure have strength problem

Terrace waterproofing can be done during the contruction time on the mother slab or for old terrace. However waterproofing on the mother slab itsel f is more durable and cheaper when comparing to remedial waterproofing. The the waterproofing coating is exposed to direct sunlight, UV resistant product are to be used.