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Roof Waterproofing

There are many methods for roof waterproofing. If the roof is new and protective plastering not done, we can use any type of under coating or bitumen membrane for waterproofing. If the roof is old, then a complete inspection needed to fine out the correct method applicable. 

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Terrace Garden & Pool Waterproofing

Terrace area of the building has to endure the most of the nature’s harsh weather, climate and heat. Monsoon plays a major part in this. the heat of the sun causes the rigid surface to expand – causing cracks. Moreover, People now-a-days like to make gardens and swimming pool on the terrace which adds up to the problem of water leakage issues. Due to such constructions there is a need for additional care to take for Terrace type of waterproofing. One of the types of waterproofing is terrace garden and another type is terrace swimming pool. Both of the system need similar types of waterproofing treatment.

 Swimming pool waterproofing must be done prior tiling. The coating/waterproofing layer must be protecting the mother slab. Pressure grouting may be needed if the structure have strength problem

Terrace waterproofing can be done during the contruction time on the mother slab or for old terrace. However waterproofing on the mother slab itsel f is more durable and cheaper when comparing to remedial waterproofing. The the waterproofing coating is exposed to direct sunlight, UV resistant product are to be used.

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Bathroom/Kitchen/Balcony/Chhajja Waterproofing

The situation for these areas in the house has a completely different scenario. The walls and the floors are wet all the time in one way or another.  Since these rooms are adjacent to each other, water leak through one room will ruin the other rooms and its property. The essential thing here is that water only flows through drain pipes. Waterproofing during construction will ensure you will never have to face any issues later.

4 main areas are targeted during proofing – floor, shower splash zone, sanitary fittings, tile joints and nahani traps/drainage pipes.

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Basement Waterproofing

The Basement and the Foundation are the places that require the most attention because water can cause major problems. Water can crawl into wall spaces and create a wet damp condition causing molds. This leads to unpleasant foul smell inside the building. If this issue is left unattended, water logging scenario. This can cause property damage inside basements and poses a great threat to the electrical systems which is commonly based in the lower levels. The lift mechanism system faces threat form this causing rusting and total failure. Overall, the whole infrastructure will fail due to these hazard conditions.

Two methods used in basement waterproofing is the Positive(application on the same side of hydro-static pressure) and the Negative(application on the opposite side of water pressure) waterproofing.

  • Positive Waterproofing: In this method, the surrounding perimeters to the building structure is dug – about a meter deep(depends) and layers of waterproofing solution is applied (horizontal x1, vertical x1). This is the best suggested way to protect since the major cause of problem is water pressure from the outside during monsoons.
  • Negative Waterproofing: This method must be used in extreme conditions when there is no other way of performing the task from the outside. Cautions must be taken that the materials used are not permeable and do not form honeycomb structures. 
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Building Foundation Waterproofing

The foundation is the most important aspect in a building structure, one should take all possible measures to ensure its  longevity. The construction is built upon the foundation and these can be of multiple types.

The strength and life of the house is directly dependent on the the foundation. The most prominent and concerning  problems – dampness and water logging. Moisture in the soil around the foundation which later seeps into basement and provides an ideal environment for mold formation.

We provide ultimate solutions for foundation waterproofing. Applycable methods are APP Membrane waterproofing, Crystalline coating, or Acrylic Polimer coating